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Mummy Mornings at Merry Hill



For me, attending a new baby group is like the first day at a new school. That fear of the unknown. Will it be really cliquey? Will the activities be pitched at the right age range? What if no one speaks to me? But a couple of weeks ago I pushed those niggling doubts aside and we headed off to our local Intu shopping centre for our very first Mummy Morning.

Mummy Mornings are held every Tuesday (from 10am – 11:30am) in Eat Central at the Merry Hill Centre in Dudley and are an opportunity for mummy’s, daddy’s and carers to bring little ones to participate in activities whilst us adults enjoy a free coffee.

I had hoped to follow my best self-help protocol of ‘if you’re nervous get there at the start so it’s easier to get talking to people’ but Elliott did a big poop just as we were headed for the door, so…


We arrived just before 11am and Eat Central was a hive of activity with older children doing crafts and younger babies in a separate section on play mats on the floor.

One thing I would say is that if you’ve never been before it’s a bit confusing and lured by the scent of steaming hot caffeine I turned up at the table with the shiny jugs only to be told I needed to sign in first and collect a golden coin!

After completing a short form I got my very own Mummy Mornings membership card, a gold coin entitling me to a hot drink and a free DVD and some feeding spoons!


Elliott’s thinking this isn’t my usual play mat!

Having exchanged the gold coin for a much needed coffee I headed to the baby area and plonked myself on a spare beanbag. I chatted to some of the other mum’s whilst I fed Elliott. He then did his normal out and about party trick of falling asleep! Fortunately waking up just in time to have a little play on the Baby Einstein play mat.

Different themes each week keep the event interesting. This time it was the turn of the bake off. For just £1 you could sample all of the cakes and help to decide who should be crowned master baker.

I was really impressed with my first Mummy Mornings experience and will return again. It’s always good to get out and about and talking to other mum’s (the mummy equivalent of office banter), plus as the Merry Hill centre is just up the road from me it’s really convenient, especially as the parking is free, the Parent Rooms are amazing and there are LOADS of shops there so I can pick up some goodies at the same time. Then, of course, there’s the free coffee and the freebies for baby! What’s not to love?

Have you been to a Mummy Morning? What did you think?


One thought on “Mummy Mornings at Merry Hill

  1. Thank you Sam this is so wonderful to read. As we are eight years old in February I worry that I am getting stale with ideas but I keep going and trying. I have some amazing mums,dads and grandparents who have been coming for the full eight years who provide the back bone to the event. I also have four wonderful ladies who work at the event for me. I have so many plans for the new year I hope that the new website that I have set up will help expand the event further. Congratulations on your Blog I hope we shall become sisters in cyber space !
    Please try and join us on Tuesday 27th October for our Halloween Special, there will be so much going on .
    Lots of Love Liz x


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