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How to do bonfire night like a true Brit

As I browsed my social media on 31st October, I was struck by how differently the UK and the US celebrate Halloween, with many American ex-pats, now living in the UK, bringing their home traditions to our soil to make celebrations a bit more spooky. It got me thinking about this time of year and… Continue reading How to do bonfire night like a true Brit

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Is Thomas Land worth visiting?

Earlier this month we visited Thomas Land as a special treat for Elliott being so patient with us during the whole house move fiasco (more details on that soon). Having visited CBeebies Land earlier in the year we were keen to see how Thomas Land compared. Arriving at Thomas LandPulling up to the Drayton Manor… Continue reading Is Thomas Land worth visiting?

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My top tips for selling your home

I've always loved watching Kirstie and Phil, House Doctor, and that weird show where Phil is solo and has to explain to a, frankly clueless, individual why their house won't sell, when the problem is glaringly obvious to the rest of us. So I was super-excited when I got to put some of the lessons… Continue reading My top tips for selling your home

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A Beginners Guide to the Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin picking was previously the preserve of our friends over the pond. Yep, visiting the pumpkin patch is yet another Americanism that we've adopted for our Halloween celebrations in the UK. But, unlike, trick-or-treating which I'm not such a fan of a trip to find the perfect pumpkin is something I can get on board… Continue reading A Beginners Guide to the Pumpkin Patch